The below guidance is not exhaustive, but is designed to help interested organizations to develop proposals.

  • Proposed projects should be innovative and transformational. Proposals should make clear how they are adding value and not duplicating an existing solution; multiple forms of innovation are eligible and will be considered. Proposals should also clearly illustrate how the work proposes to overcome fundamental economic, social, or technical barriers to off-grid electricity access.
  • Proposed projects should be in the early stages of development, defined broadly as the critical transition phase between concept and scale-up, where access to conventional forms of investment is limited and support from the PACEsetter Fund would be most impactful.
  • Proposals should demonstrate how they could be scaled up to have wider impact.
  • Proposals should demonstrate that the project has sufficient buy-in from all stakeholders to deliver the desired outcomes.
  • Proposals should specify if they also have funding from other sources.
  • The maximum life-cycle of a project should not exceed 24 months.
  • The Fund places strong emphasis on evidence-based results. Proposals must clearly define the indicators of success in the application form to demonstrate progress during the project lifecycle.
  • The Fund also places a strong emphasis on sharing the results. Organizations will be required to submit progress reports on regular intervals or on the achievement of key milestones for the duration of the project, and submit a project completion form within three months of the project conclusion along with the audited fund utilization certificate.